Brad Pitt is, allegedly, captivated by his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-star, Margot Robbie.

In its Dec. 14 issue, New Idea published a misleading headline saying that it’s on again for Pitt and Robbie.

At first glance, it seems as though the tabloid is hinting at a possible romance between the former co-stars.

However, the article is simply about Pitt and Robbie working together again in Babylon.

The tabloid then alleged that Pitt and Robbie can’t get enough of each other that’s why they agreed to star in another movie together.

They also claimed that Pitt is smitten with Robbie, and he allegedly thinks that the actress is beautiful.

Unfortunately, there’s not much meat to the dubious article because there’s nothing going on between Pitt and Robbie.

However, this isn’t the first time that they were linked.

Last year, Now to Love claimed that Pitt and Robbie were secretly dating.

In fact, the A-listers allegedly want to keep their romance a secret that’s why they usually hang out at pubs very late at night.

This way, no one would see them and report about their budding relationship.

The only problem with the article is that it forgot to state that Robbie is married to Tom Ackerley. And the couple has been together since 2016.

As such, it’s unlikely for Robbie to cheat on her husband with Pitt just because they worked together.

Around the same time, Now to Love also claimed that Pitt already professed his love for Robbie.

The tabloid claimed that there was something going on between the co-stars because Robbie’s marriage is already on the rocks.

A source claimed that this is the reason why Ackerley didn’t attend the premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Since Pitt knows a thing or two about divorce, he’s allegedly been giving Robbie advice. And the actor has also been supporting her during this difficult time.

The insider said that it’s not surprising that Pitt and Robbie developed feelings for each other.

And at one point, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband allegedly told Robbie that he loves her.

However, an entire year has passed and Robbie and Ackerley are still together. There’s still no proof that Robbie and Pitt ever fell in love.

As such, it’s evident that the tabloid was just making up stories about the A-listers.

Pitt is still single today after he ended his brief relationship with Nicole Poturalski.