Barack Obama is still, allegedly, enraged with Joe Biden that’s why he has been avoiding his phone calls.

In its September 27 issue, Globe claimed that Biden has been calling Barack Obama nonstop because he wants to ask for help and advice regarding the issues that Americans are facing today.

However, Obama has made it a point to not answer his calls because he’s still not over the fact that Biden abandoned him while he was being criticized by Americans for hosting a mask-free birthday party.

“Barack took a beating for thumbing his nose at the government’s COVID mask mandates and hosting a $12 million party in the middle of the pandemic. Not only did Joe not show up, but he also made it known in political circles that he was furious with Barack for throwing it,” the source said.

The source added that Obama could also be avoiding Biden’s calls because he wants the POTUS to handle the problems of the country. When he was president, Obama didn’t rely on other people to do the work for him.

According to the insider, Obama doesn’t also want to taint his reputation especially with regards to the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco.

“Obama has always shown himself to be a patient man. And now it’s paying off with Biden’s self-inflicted implosion. He knows that Joe will continue to fumble the ball and when the situation looks beyond repair, he can come riding in as the conquering hero, making the public recommendations about putting the country back on its feet and about who should lead it moving forward,” the source said.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors suggesting that Obama is trying to groom his wife, Michelle Obama to become the next president of the United States.

After Biden’s reign is over, Obama wants to ensure that he and his wife would return to the White House and correct some of the mistakes that Biden has done.

“Obama has positioned Michelle as the conscience of the Democratic Party by pushing her to the forefront of women’s issues and education initiatives. You can bet that her name will be front and center when the 2024 candidates are discussed and Obama will be happy to step over Biden’s political corpse to nominate her,” the source said.

However, the tabloid's claims have no basis. After all, Obama and Biden are not at odds with each other. It's also not true that Obama is grooming his wife, Michelle to become the next president of the United States.