Queen Elizabeth allegedly holds grudges, and she still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Camilla Parker Bowles was once her son Prince Charles’ mistress.

In its Nov. 29 issue, Globe claimed that the queen and Camilla still have unresolved issues behind closed doors. But when they are out in public, they pretend that things are going well between them.

“For years, both the queen and her mother had refused to have anything to do with Charles’ mistress. Not only did they not want her present at any royal function, either formal or informal, they actively disapproved of her and of Charles’ relationship with her,” the source said.

The source also said that if it were up to the queen, she would have allowed Prince Charles to wed Camilla because of her reputation. In fact, the monarch’s dislike for her daughter-in-law is allegedly one of the reasons why she decided to skip her and Prince Charles’ wedding.

“Now, the queen has made public peace with the arrangement, which pales in comparison to Prince Andrew’s ongoing teenage sex scandal and her grandson Prince Harry’s decision to quit the royal family and move to America. But Her Majesty is old-fashioned and, in her heart, I suspect she still sees Camilla as a tawdry temptress unfit to help her son rule,” the source said.

It is unclear why the tabloid is revisiting the queen’s former issues with Camilla. It’s possible that they don’t have anything to use as clickbait.

There is no indication that there’s still bad blood between the queen and Camilla. In fact, the latter has been nothing but wonderful support to the monarch.

While it is true that the queen didn’t attend Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding decades ago, she said that her position prevented her from doing so. Prince Charles was previously married to Princess Diana. At the time, the heir to the throne also had an affair with Camilla.

So, after Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, the former decided to wed Camilla years later. Even though the royal couple’s love for each other is real and deep, a lot of royal fans condemned Camilla and accused her of destroying Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

Since the queen is the head of the British monarchy, it wouldn’t have looked good on her if she supported Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship back then.