Alec Baldwin is allegedly struggling weeks after he accidentally shot and killed the assistant director of his upcoming movie, “Rust.”

In its Nov. 13 issue, Heat UK claimed that Baldwin has not been sleeping well since the accident. In fact, the actor just dozes off for two to three hours daily and then he wakes up upset.

A source claimed that Baldwin’s recent controversy is also causing problems in his marriage to Hilaria Baldwin. Even though the latter publicly expressed her support for her husband, the couple is struggling behind closed doors.

“Alec’s patience levels are exhausted. Both he and Hilaria are running on fumes. She’s taking control when he lets her, but this is a man who doesn’t know the meaning of delegating. Right now, he’s sleeping two or three hours a night maximum, going stir crazy, and refusing all offers of professional help. Hilaria and others are talking very seriously about an intervention. They’re worried about what the stress could do to him,” the source said.

Days after the accidental shooting, the Baldwins faced another criticism after they posed for photos with their children wearing their Halloween costumes.

Hilaria shared the photo on her Instagram account and said that it was their way of trying to get back to their normal lives. However, their critics questioned how they are able to celebrate such a fun occasion after Alec killed his assistant director.

The source insisted that tensions are running high in the Baldwin household. And it’s safe to assume that the couple would end up splitting months down the line.

“They’re terrified about what the future holds. Alec’s greatest fear is that this could be too much for Hilaria eventually, as he knows how freaked out she is by it all. It’s the toughest time in their lives by far and a huge test of their marriage,’ the source said.

The tabloid also insisted that Alec and Hilaria already showed signs that their marriage is falling apart early on.

Following the incident, interviewers flocked to the set of Rust in New Mexico to try and interview Alec. During the conversation, Hilaria stepped in and urged the press to stop questioning her husband.

Alec was heard asking Hilaria to step away so that he could talk to the press.

The tabloid claimed that Alec lashed out at his wife during this time, but watching the video will prove that this isn’t what happened.