Gigi Hadid is allegedly planning to appear in a tell-all that will shed light on what really happened between her, Zayn Malik, and Yolanda Hadid.

In its Nov. 13 issue, Heat UK claimed that the supermodel is just waiting for the drama to die down so that she can finally address the issue.

A source said that Gigi is still in shock with what happened between her and her baby daddy. And she’s convinced that Malik went off on his rage because she broke up with him.

“Tensions had been building for months because they were really struggling as a couple, and when Gigi ended things, Zayn went off the deep end. But he is in no position to be acting self-righteous. In fact, it’s only making Gigi more determined to set the record straight with a tell-all interview once all the legal drama calms down,” the source said.

The source added that Gigi wants nothing but the best for Malik. After all, he’s still the father of their daughter, Khai. However, the model also wants Malik to look at himself in the mirror and acknowledge that there’s something wrong with him.

“Realistically, she knows he’s equally likely to dig in and defend himself, pointing the finger back at her and trying to make people feel sorry for him. That’s why she’s siding with her mother and going on the attack. Put simply, people need to know the truth,” the source said.

Weeks ago, reports revealed that Malik and Yolanda got into an altercation where the singer pushed his daughter’s grandmother against the closet.

Malik pleaded no contest to the four charges that he received following the incident. But he later said that he decided to accept the charges so that they could all move on in peace.

However, Malik denied that he assaulted Yolanda. And the latter and Gigi have not publicly addressed the issue. As such, there’s no proof that the model has plans to give a tell-all about the incident.

For now, Malik and Gigi’s daughter, Khai is with the model. It is unclear if Malik is allowed to see his daughter, but these are private matters that their family needs to resolve.

As such, everything that’s being written about Malik and the Hadids on the tabloids should be taken with a grain of salt.