Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are allegedly having problems when it comes to their baby plans.

In its Oct. 25 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the couple is not on the same page when it comes to having a baby.

Baldwin is not necessarily against having a baby anytime soon. But the model feels that she’s at the top of her career right now and getting pregnant might not be what’s best for her.

Bieber, on the other hand, wants to have a baby as soon as possible. And he’s hoping that Baldwin would at least become pregnant before he goes on tour early next year.

A source claimed that the couple’s back and forth and inability to make a decision are causing tensions in their marriage.

“He’d love to be expecting before he goes on tour in February, but he doesn’t want to pressure Hailey too much because it could backfire. Though he does want to know when she thinks she’ll be ready because his patience is wearing thin,” the source said.

The tabloid’s claims seem to be contradicting yet again. After all, they said that Bieber is not pressuring Baldwin to get pregnant. However, the singer’s patience has started to wear thin. This shows that Bieber is not very patient after all.

Shortly after the couple got married in 2018, multiple publications already started speculating about their baby plans.

The “Baby” singer previously said that he respects his wife’s timeline because it’s her body. This shows that Baldwin will be the one to decide when she’s ready to get pregnant

And the fact that she’s not yet pregnant suggests that she’s still not ready to carry a child in her womb for nine months.

This isn’t necessarily wrong, and there’s also no proof that Bieber is in a rush to have a baby. After all, the singer has a very busy schedule.

In fact, he will go on a massive tour earlier this year so it wouldn’t also make sense for Baldwin to get pregnant before then.

After all, this means that Baldwin will be left at home in Los Angeles while Bieber is on tour.

Weeks ago, multiple publications also claimed that Baldwin and Bieber are already expecting their first child.

After all, Bieber posted a cryptic message on social media.

Eagle-eyed witnesses also claimed to have spotted Baldwin with a growing baby bump. However, all these claims were proven to be false.