Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin could allegedly face problems in their marriage after learning that their pastor, Carl Lentz committed moral failures.

WHO recently published a misleading headline about Bieber and Baldwin’s relationship by saying that the couple was gravely affected by what they heard.

According to reports, Lentz cheated on his wife, Laura. And this forced Bieber and Baldwin to cut ties with the couple.

The tabloid claimed that since Bieber and Baldwin’s relationship is centered on their faith, they could face major problems in their marriage moving forward.

However, the tabloid failed to provide concrete proof that Bieber and Baldwin’s relationship could be on the rocks. After all, they were just speculating on the couple’s relationship based on what they previously said during their interviews.

For instance, Baldwin told Elle in 2018 that church paved the way for her and Bieber to reconnect. The model also said that their faith is the most important part of their relationship.

During their reunion, they were already past all the drama. The couple hugged at the conference that they attended, and the rest was history for the couple.

In the same year, Bieber and Baldwin tied the knot at a New York City courthouse. Over a year later, they had a much bigger ceremony, and Lentz officiated their nuptials.

According to People, Lentz and his wife are still trying to work on their 17-year marriage. This proves that the tabloid’s claims that they ended up divorcing aren’t true.

A source told the publication that while it is true that Lentz may have had an affair, it’s not with the woman who recently came forward.

While speaking with ABC News, Ranin Karim claimed that she had an affair with the pastor. She said that she still cherishes what she and Lentz shared because it will always be a part of her past.

Karim and Lentz reportedly first met five months ago at a park near his house in New York City.

Meanwhile, Bieber and Baldwin made headlines today after the former greeted the latter on her 24th birthday.

On his Instagram account, Bieber penned a touching tribute to Baldwin. The singer said that Baldwin is his home, and she’s his safe place.

Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette also greeted Baldwin on social media. Mallette declared just how much she loves her daughter-in-law in her post.

The singer’s mom also called Baldwin a blessing to their family.