Sarah Ferguson is reportedly so smitten with her granddaughter to the point that she’s refusing to leave her side.

In its Oct. 4 issue, New Idea claimed that Fergie adores her granddaughter so much that’s why she’s been spending so much time at Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzie’s house.

A source claimed that the Duchess of York is lucky because her son-in-law loves her so much. Otherwise, she might not be allowed to spend so much time in their house just so she could be with the infant.

“Fergie has been cheered up by the baby’s arrival and barely leaves her or Beatrice’s side. It’s a good thing Edo adores his mother-in-law,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Princess Beatrice is planning to introduce her baby girl to the entire world very soon. And she will also share more details regarding her pregnancy in the coming months.

But for now, it’s been a special time for the news mom, her husband, and Fergie.

Mozzi and Princess Beatrice welcomed their first child together on Sept. 18. Even though photos of the baby haven’t been released to the public, the tabloid claimed to know how she looks like.

Princess Beatrice’s daughter allegedly has a hint of red and gold hair since her mom is a redhead and Mozzi has light brown hair.

As of late, Princess Beatrice has not shared a photo of her daughter with the world. And it’s unclear if and when she will. After all, Princess Eugenie immediately shared a photo of her son, August after he was born. So, it’s unclear why Princess Beatrice opted to wait.

According to Express, there are predictions that Princess Beatrice will call her daughter Annabel. However, royal fans still need to wait and see if their predictions are correct.

Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice is still recovering 10 days after welcoming her first child. And while it is possible for Ferguson to be spending a lot of time with her granddaughter, it’s unlikely for her to be disturbing the peace at the house.

Fergie must understand how important rest and sleep are after giving birth. And she is most likely giving her daughter time to recover.

It’s also unlikely for the tabloid to know all these things about Ferguson’s visits to Princess Beatrice because this is done privately.