Prince Andrew is allegedly begging Sarah Ferguson to marry him again amid the sexual abuse scandal that he’s facing.

In its September 27 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Andrew has been leaning on Fergie during this difficult time in his life. And they have gotten so close that the Duke of York is keen to remarry his ex-wife.

“They still love and care for each other a great deal and have been living together during the pandemic. It has rekindled something and I can see a second wedding happening if it all goes Andrew’s way,” the source said.

However, this is about everything that the tabloid could say about Prince Andrew and Ferguson’s relationship. And it’s obvious that they are just speculating because they were unable to provide any concrete proof that they would get back together.

If the Duke and Duchess of York wanted to get back together, they would’ve done so a long time ago. Prince Andrew and Fergie have been living in the Royal Lodge together since they divorced decades ago, but they are nothing more than good friends today.

So, there’s no way for the exes to get back together officially. And there’s also no reason for them too, because Prince Andrew and Ferguson can support each other even without the legal documents.

Still, this isn’t the first time that the exes were rumored to be rekindling their romance.

Before Prince Philip passed away, there were already claims suggesting that Prince Andrew is just waiting for his dad’s demise before he could wed Ferguson again.

A source claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh has always disliked Fergie that’s why it’s unlikely for her and Prince Andrew to get back together while he was still alive.

But now that Prince Philip is no longer around, anything is possible for the exes.

However, a second wedding won’t happen for Prince Andrew and Ferguson. Other than the fact that they are just best friends, Fergie still hasn’t been welcomed back into the fold.

Following Prince Philip’s death, the mom of two hinted at her close relationship with Queen Elizabeth. But even though she and the queen are close, this still doesn’t mean that she will be welcomed back into The Firm.

For now, Fergie is busy with a lot of things outside the royal family. She just published a new book and is also a second-time grandma after Princess Beatrice gave birth this week.