Sarah Ferguson isn’t alleged to be trusted when it comes to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

After all, the Duchess of York continues to support Prince Andrew amid Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s sexual abuse allegations.

However, in its September 27 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Ferguson may just be blinded by it all. And it’s also possible that she’s aware of Prince Andrew’s wrongdoings.

But the fact that she’s refusing to say anything against the Duke of York shows that there’s a cover-up.

“She’s been defending Andrew since the ‘90s. In Sarah’s mind, he’s wonderfully kind-hearted and a truly honest soul. She insists that isn’t about covering up, but sticking up for someone who’s being pilloried,” the source said.

The tabloid then retracted their claims a little bit to not put Ferguson in a negative light.

“Of course, Sarah’s heart aches for the victims of any such abuse. But the idea that Andrew would have been part of it is simply atrocious and she’s not buying it for a microsecond,” the source said.

Throughout the years, Ferguson has defended Prince Andrew multiple times. She was there when Giuffre’s allegations first came to light, and she was also there after her ex-husband stepped down from his royal duties.

Decades ago, Ferguson also stood by Prince Andrew’s side even after their divorce, resulting in their supporters thinking that there’s hope for a reconciliation between the two.

Prior to Prince Philip’s death, there were claims suggesting that Prince Andrew and Ferguson can’t get back together because the Duke of Edinburgh dislikes his former daughter-in-law.

But after Prince Philip’s passing, there’s allegedly hope for Prince Andrew and Ferguson to get back together. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet and it seems it never will because they are nothing more than friends.

Prince Andrew and Ferguson are also parents to their two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. And they have a tight relationship even though they came from a broken home.

After all, Prince Andrew and Ferguson continued to live together even after they divorced. And they are still residing at the Royal Lodge today.

Meanwhile, Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s daughters made headlines recently amid claims that they have very different relationships with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Princess Beatrice is worried that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are just using Princess Eugenie. And the former is also very protective of the latter.