Queen Elizabeth is facing a huge predicament involving her favorite son, Prince Andrew.

In its September 18 issue, Closer UK claimed that Prince Andrew would be forced to pay Virginia Roberts Giuffre millions of pounds if he is proven guilty of sexual abuse.

Giuffre previously claimed that the Duke of York sexually abused her 20 years ago when she was still a minor. However, Prince Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations.

Still, this hasn’t stopped the feds from trying to serve Prince Andrew papers. And there are also reports suggesting that he might be forced to make an appearance in the US court.

When this happens, the Duke of York would have no other choice but to pay Giuffre. And a source said that he doesn’t have that much money because he only gets a meager salary from his time in Navy.

So, what’s most likely going to happen is that Prince Andrew would reach out to the queen and ask for financial support. However, even if the queen can afford it, it would be risky for her to take part in trying to save her son.

“The queen simply cannot be associated with this scandal. It would horrendously damage her reputation. She loves Andrew – he’s said to be her favorite son, but she knows her duty and the future of the monarchy could be jeopardized,” the source said.

Weeks ago, there were also reports claiming that Prince Andrew went to Balmoral to visit the queen while she’s on vacation.

And even though the details of their conversations have been shared with the public, there are speculations that the dad of two went there to ask the monarch for help.

However, there’s very little that the queen could do. And there are also reports that she’s encouraging her son to come clean if Giuffre’s accusations are accurate.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s lawyers said that they would challenge the validity of the lawsuit filed against their client.

Los Angeles attorney Andrew Brettler also called that lawsuit baseless and non-viable.

“There has been a settlement agreement that the plaintiff has entered into in a prior action that releases the Duke and others from any and all potential liability,” Brettler said.

For now, Prince Andrew’s lawyers will continue to speak on his behalf. The royal remains in the United Kingdom for the time being.