Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have allegedly agreed to fix their strained marriage.

In its Oct. 4 issue, New Idea claimed that Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been living separate lives for years. So, their fans were surprised when they attended last week’s Emmys together.

A source claimed that Douglas and Zeta-Jones decided to deal with all their issues together because they can’t live without each other.

“They were super loved-up and happy in each other’s company, which is a huge relief. For a while there, word around town was that they were living separate lives,” the source said.

The insider added that Douglas and Zeta-Jones both love being in the spotlight. And their recent appearance at the Emmys was exactly the boost that they needed.

“Catherine was a tad worried their marriage was becoming a little too dreary for her liking, with all the big Hollywood events they used to live for being canceled or unsafe. She was overheard saying that it felt good to be back,” the source said.

Throughout the years, multiple tabloids have been claiming that Douglas and Zeta-Jones's relationship has been falling apart. They have cited the couple’s different personalities as one of their issues.

But what the tabloid has seemingly forgotten is the fact that Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been together for years. So, it’s unlikely for them to still not know each other.

In July, the same tabloid alleged that the actress walked out on Douglas during their trip to Ibiza due to jealousy.

An onlooker back then claimed that the minute the couple and their loved ones arrived in Ibiza, Zeta-Jones immediately separated from the group to go shopping. Apparently, this was allegedly an indication that she wasn’t happy to be around her husband.

Zeta-Jones was also allegedly surprised to see how Douglas doted on his co-star, Kathleen Turner throughout the trip. So, instead of saying something negative about the two, the actress just decided to take a time off.

However, none of the tabloid’s claims are true. There’s no indication that Zeta-Jones became jealous of Douglas and Turner’s relationship.

The tabloid is obviously just making up lies about the couple for clickbait.

It’s not also true that Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been living separate lives simply because they have not been photographed in public together frequently.

The couple is still very much together regardless of what the tabloid says.