Angelina Jolie was recently photographed outside a hospital in Burbank, California. Days later, National Enquirer claimed to know what Jolie was doing there.

In its September 13 issue, the tabloid claimed that there have always been fears regarding Jolie’s weight and eating habits. So, she finally went to a hospital to get checked.

“Angelina is being coy about the exact reason for her visit, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure something’s not right there. The hope is that she was there for a routine checkup. Assuming that’s the case, it’s obviously a good thing she’s taking proactive steps to look after herself,” the source said.

However, the source insisted that Jolie’s recent hospital visit still sets off alarm bells because of how long she was there. And since she allegedly doesn’t look healthy, something serious might still be happening to the actress.

“Angie has accomplished so much in her life but she’s hard on herself and her body. Her nonexistent eating habits have been the elephant in the room for longer than anyone can remember. Hopefully, this hospital visit went smoothly and it’s the start of a healthy new chapter for her – but only time will tell,” the source said.

On a less serious note, the source claimed that Jolie is also worried about varicose veins. And since they have become unsightly, she wants to have them removed for good.

Months ago, the same tabloid claimed that Jolie’s veins are popping out all over her body because she’s too thin. And in order to hide the unsightly veins, she plans to go under the knife.

However, several months have passed but Jolie has never gone under the knife other than for her other than to get a double mastectomy or to have her ovaries and fallopian tube removed.

Years ago, Jolie opened up about having the same cancer gene that took away her mom’s life. She said that after consulting with her doctors for months, they decided to have her breasts, ovaries, and fallopian tube removed.

But other than these things, Jolie is not faced with other health problems. The tabloids saying that she’s too thin or that she suffers from an eating disorder are just a way for them to get more views.

If Jolie is struggling with her health, she or her rep would most likely come clean about it.