Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner have been dubbed as neighbors from hell by a tabloid.

In its August 16 issue, Life & Style claimed that Kidman acts like a queen whenever she’s in Australia.

A source claimed that Kidman’s entitled streak started after she moved out of a home in Sydney after selling the property for $4 million in 2007.

However, the actress decided to leave her $4.5 million yachts behind the harbor for a year.

The insider also claimed that Kidman avoids making eye contact with her neighbors whenever she’s in Australia because she doesn’t feel like they’re on the same level.

As for Garner, she allegedly earned the reputation because of the never-ending construction of her home. Two years have passed but it’s still not over.

“There are people, cars, and trucks coming in and out of the lot around the clock, and the banging is loud. Young kids won’t go down for their day naps because of the noise,” the source said.

The actress’s neighbors have also been complaining about how polluted the air is in Los Angeles. And Garner just made things worse for them.

“There’s an ugly green temporary fence that is supposed to stop the dust and debris from blowing onto the road, but on a windy day, you can still see it. The smog in L.A. is bad enough without Jen’s dust,” the source said.

Other than Kidman and Garner, Dax Shepard also earned the same title because his house is a mess.

The tabloid likened the actor’s property to Honey Boo Boo’s home because there are cars and motorcycles everywhere. Shepard also, allegedly, goes out of the house shirtless.

Shepard also bought a bus and his neighbors are not impressed.

Russell Crowe has also been called a neighbor from hell because of his expensive home improvements.

The actor adores his $25 million luxury apartment so much that he installed a huge Scandinavian sauna barrel on his balcony.

His neighbors don’t like seeing the actor sweating in his sauna so they are urging him to get rid of it.

As of late, there are no known complaints against all the A-listers mentioned by the tabloid.

So, it is possible that the tabloid is just making up these stories based on what’s been happening in the actors’ lives in recent months.