Jennifer Aniston is allegedly releasing a tell-all next year.

In its September 4 issue, Heat UK claimed that Aniston will be talking about everything that has happened in her life in the last five decades.

A source claimed that not only will the Friends actress talk about her failed marriage to Brad Pitt; she will also be addressing her negative feelings towards Angelina Jolie.

Of course, Aniston will also address her failed marriage to Justin Theroux, as well as her budding romance with David Schwimmer.

The actress won’t also shy away from revealing some secrets from the Friends set. And she will also weigh in on how difficult it has become for her to find a role on television and the big screen.

Additionally, Aniston will also open up about the body-shaming she has experienced throughout the years.

“Jen’s never been fully transparent about the body-shaming she went through. All the hard times in her life have pushed Jen to evolve and grow, so she has a desire to share her life lessons with the world. She isn’t going to hold back, but it won’t be some sort of bitter takedown.

According to the source, Aniston started writing her tell-all while she was in quarantine last year. And she wakes up very early in the morning to make sure that she writes at least 500 words per day.

The Morning Show allegedly has an assistant that helps her organize her thoughts. But Aniston sees to it that she won’t hire a ghostwriter because she wants to pen her own tell-all.

Rumors about Aniston writing a tell-all have been rife for years. But it was recently debunked by the actress’s rep.

Aniston had not been writing her tell-all during quarantine because she has no plans to release one – at least not anytime soon.

The tabloids have only been saying this because a lot of people would like to know what really went down in her marriage to Pitt.

Unfortunately, Aniston is very busy with her engagements these days so now may not be the best time for her to release a tell-all.

It’s also not true that Aniston still has negative feelings about Jolie.

Years ago, the actress admitted that she’s aware of how she’s being pitted against Jolie. But Aniston stressed the fact that there’s no tension between the two of them.