Tom Cruise has allegedly been spending a fortune on cosmetic procedures because he’s afraid to look old.

In its September 13 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the actor has been looking as young as ever recently, and he owes it to all the procedures he’s undergone.

However, a source for the tabloid said that it’s only a matter of time before tall the treatments can no longer make Cruise look younger.

“Tom’s been messing with his face for decades, trying to turn back the hands of time – and time is finally turning against him. He’s spent a fortune on high-tech fads over the years. It’s an open secret he’s had fillers here and there, in addition to the best natural dermatology help money can buy,” the source said.

The tabloid even spoke to a so-called expert on the matter, who described Cruise as a pillow face.

Another doctor said that Cruise’s face looks plumper recently and this can only be achieved by getting face fillers.

On top of his invasive treatments, Cruise also uses cleansers, toners, face serum, eye serum, eye cream, facial moisturizer, and neck cream. His extensive routine allegedly lasts for 30 minutes or more.

“Tom also loves other noninvasive treatments like micro-needling to build collagen, plus laser treatments to tighten his skin. He’s adamant that he’s never undergone plastic surgery and never will. But injectables and special treatments aren’t going under the knife, so it makes sense Tom would deny it,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Cruise is rumored to be getting some invasive procedures. Throughout the years, the same tabloid has been accusing the Mission: Impossible actor of such.

It seems as though that the tabloid is shaming Cruise for his decision to look younger when they shouldn’t. After all, everyone can improve their appearance if they so desire.

However, this doesn’t also mean that Cruise getting facial procedures is a factual claim. It’s still possible that the actor was just blessed with good genes.

Meanwhile, Cruise also made headlines recently after his two movies were once again delayed because of COVID-19.

Earlier this week, Paramount announced that Top Gun: Maverick will be released in May 2022, while Mission: Impossible 7 will be slated for release in November 2022.

Initially, the former was supposed to be released in theaters this coming November, and the latter was supposed to hit theaters in May of next year.