Meghan Markle has allegedly undergone multiple surgeries throughout the years.

In its July 19 issue, Star claimed that Markle had a nose job and breast implants so that she would look her best in Hollywood.

The tabloid spoke with a physician that never treated Markle. And the expert claimed that Markle is staying mum on her plastic surgeries.

“Her nose looks narrower and more refined than it did when she was younger. It appears to have been done very tastefully. It also appears she may have undergone a breast augmentation in the past as well, giving her a very shapely C-cup,” the source said.

Markle must have also gotten veneers to straighten her teeth. And she may have also gotten cheek fillers.

However, even the so-called doctor said that it’s difficult to confirm whether Markle has gone under the knife in the past. After all, even though she looks very different from when she was a teenager, there are no obvious signs that she’s had surgery.

Another source seemingly justified Markle’s decision to get plastic surgery.

“Casting directors would tell her they need someone thinner or sexier at auditions. The constant criticisms were a blow to her confidence. She cried after some auditions because people were so cruel,” the source said.

Luckily for Markle, she’s married to someone that tells her how gorgeous she is every day.

The source claimed that Prince Harry has been a great help with boosting his wife’s self-esteem. After all, Markle is very conscious of the way she looks.

In fact, even though she’s considered slim, Markle allegedly notices if she has gained a few pounds.

The mom of two is also allegedly obsessed with keeping her skin supple and youthful that’s why she adheres to a strict regimen.

According to the source, Markle is not done with her plastic surgery spree. In fact, money has never been an issue for her as long as she can improve her appearance.

However, Prince Harry insists that his wife looks great as it is. And he also tells Markle that she doesn’t need to change anything.

But the tabloid insisted that it’s only a matter of time before Markle seeks another treatment from a professional.

As of late, Markle has not said anything about ever going under the knife. So, it’s possible that the tabloid and their unnamed sources are just speculating on the possibility.