Meghan Markle won’t reportedly back down even though at least 10 palace staff are accusing her of bullying.

In its July 13 issue, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe told Woman UK that he thinks Markle won’t go down without a fight.

In fact, the Duchess of Sussex has already started asking each of the complainants to share their stories of alleged bullying.

Even though the situation is deemed to be stressful especially since Prince Harry’s wife just gave birth, it seems that Markle doesn’t have any plans to stay mum on the issue.

“Meghan won’t be silenced. She is strong-willed, determined, and won’t stop until she feels she has won and is heard. If this means doing it in the public eye, then so be it,” Larcombe said.

The royal biographer also claimed that Prince Harry and Markle must have underestimated the devastating impact of their working style, which may have been very different from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s style.

But at the end of the day, it is Markle’s mission to prove to the world that she was the victim of bullying and not the other way around.

“Some will ask why she should be silenced or expected to ignore deliberate attempts to slur her name. But whether or not the duchess has the right to defend her name is, in my view, missing the point. Meghan is now wealthy beyond her wildest dreams. When she speaks, people listen,” he said.

For Larcombe, the real question is where does all this leave Prince Harry.

After all, Prince Harry didn’t receive any complaints from palace staff before he married Markle. But this changed because of his wife.

It is unclear if the Duke of Sussex’s treatment of palace staff changed over the past couple of years. But even if fit didn’t, he’s being dragged to his wife’s bullying controversy.

Months ago, Markle’s friends came to her defense after palace staff first accused her of bullying. The Duchess of Sussex also fired back by saying that they are just spreading a smear campaign against her.

After all, the bullying allegations came around the same time that Markle was accused of making Kate Middleton cry.

During her interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, Markle claimed that it was the other way around. She suggested that it was the Duchess of Cambridge that made her cry, but Middleton eventually apologized and sent her flowers.