Princess Diana was accused of milking and manipulating the media before her divorce from Prince Charles was announced.

In 1992, royal author Andrew Morton released the book “Diana: Her True Story,” where the Princess of Wales detailed her marital problems.

After learning about the late royal’s book, Prince Philip wrote a letter to his former daughter-in-law ordering her to help maintain the dignity of the Crown. Princess Diana was devastated to receive the letter from the Duke of Edinburgh that she thought of writing back to him.

However, former Prime Minister John Major convinced Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom otherwise. Major also told Princess Diana that he couldn’t organize a respectable departure from the public if she continues to milk and manipulate the media.

Unfortunately, Princess Diana didn’t listen to Major’s advice. She reportedly wrote a letter to Prince Philip reminding him of his role as the mother of her sons. At that time, it became clear that the late royal was dead set about leaving Prince Charles.

Prince Philip once again lost his temper at Princess Diana weeks later that’s why he gave her an ultimatum. He said that Princess Diana should fit in and behave or face exile and leave her kids behind.

Since the Princess of Wales couldn’t be away from her sons, she decided to keep her marriage to Prince Charles. However, in 1992, Prince Charles and Princess Diana agreed to go their separate ways.

Major was the one that announced the couple’s decision to thousands of Britons. He also read a statement from Buckingham Palace and said that Prince Charles and Princess Diana had no intention to divorce.

But just four years after their separation, the former couple got a divorce.

“The House will wish to know that the decision to separate has no constitutional implications. The succession to the throne is unaffected by it; the children of the Prince and Princess retain their position in the line of succession, and there is no reason why the Princess of Wales should not be crowned Queen in due course. The Prince of Wales’s succession as head of the Church of England is also unaffected. Neither the Prince nor the Princess is supported by the civil list, and this position will remain unchanged. I know that there will be great sadness in this news,” Major said.

Less than a year after the divorce, Princess Diana passed away in a tragic car accident.