Last year, an outlet claimed that actress Sophi Turner would be soon going to a rehabilitation center. However, it now appears that the story was untrue. 


An article was published in 2019 wherein it was mentioned that Turner was in a disastrous state because of her “heavy drinking.” The outlet asserted that her husband’s friends were disturbed that the “Game of Throne” star’s drinking might not be good for Joe Jonas. 


A supposed insider told the magazine that “He’s gone through periods of heavy drinking himself and has to be disciplined about not going overboard.” However, the source said that the actress loves to booze heavily. 


The same report further discussed Jonas’ problems with alcohol and drugs, as well as, his past link with Demi Lovato. It was reported that Lovato introduced Jonas to weed and had to go to rehab even while they were dating.


The dubious insider added that the actress will disagree that “she has a problem until she’s blue in the face.” However, it now seems that the article was ridiculous, to say the least. 


About a year has passed since the report was published and Sophie Turner is yet to enter the rehab. At least, there has been no news of her going to rehab during this past year. Gossip Cop busted the report indicating that it was untrue and bogus.


The finale season of “Games of Thrones” had just ended then and there were rumors of Kit Harington entering the rehab. It seems the story of Turner going to the rehab was published to capitalize on the buzz that surrounded those incidents. Also, it would be illogical to assume that the actress required professional help just because her co-star needed that. 


Meanwhile, Jonas had told the E! News way back in 2013 that he had smoked weed with Miley Cyrus and Lovato for the first time in his life when he was a teenager. However, the singer-songwriter had clarified: “I don’t even smoke weed that often anymore.”


He mentioned that he prefers to have “a wine or a vodka-soda” once in a while instead of “heavy drinking.” According to People, Jonas had also clarified that he had never been to rehab for being addicted to heroin contrary to such rumors. He told the magazine that when people asked whether they could give him a hug and how being in rehab was, he responded: “You tell me because I’ve never been.”


In other news, Turner and Jonas were seen taking an afternoon stroll this Saturday. The duo had covered up their faces with masks while they walked together in LA’s Encino neighborhood, Daily Mail reports.


The 30-year-old singer and 24-year-old actress looked adorable as they held hands while walking. .Sophie Turner who is expecting her first baby with her husband concealed her baby bump in an oversize dress shirt.