Jenifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez have decided to postpone their forthcoming summer wedding “indefinitely.” Meanwhile, a tabloid has claimed that the actress-singer could be pregnant.


The power couple has decided to wait for their wedding amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While the duo is still planning to have a destination wedding in Italy, they want to do that at the right time so their friends and family can be together and safe. 


A source has shared that the former professional baseball player and the singer have decided to hit pause on their destination wedding plans. The source mentioned that they have postponed their wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic. 


The same source shared that the couple has been in a dilemma over this decision for quite some time. However, “with no return to normalcy in the near future,” they felt that it was the “safest and smartest choice” to postpone their wedding.  


The insider also revealed that they have intimated the guests that the wedding will not take place “in the late summer as anticipated.” The tipster mentioned that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had planned to host their wedding in Italy.


They still hope to have their dream wedding whenever the time is suitable. According to the insider, while the duo is contemplating new dates, they do not anticipate to happen that anytime “soon,” E! News reports. 


This change in plans is sure to disappoint the couple because they have been getting ready for the special day for several months. At the same time, Lopez had said in the past that the timing of their wedding is irrelevant to her. 


As they wait for their big day, J.Lo, Alex Rodriguez, and the children are, currently, following the stay-at-home rules. They have made a string of TikToks, as well as, other fun memories during the ongoing lockdown.  


Meanwhile, a tabloid has claimed that the 50-year-old actress is pregnant with a baby with her fiancée. The outlet shared that the singer has reduced her usual stringent workout regimen. The tabloid also added that people who are very close to Lopez have allegedly observed her bump. 


The dubious source added that the couple was satisfied with their “blended family” but she was sad that they would not have a baby of their own. The tabloid ended by mentioning that Lopez is pregnant and she and her beau would be very happy with the new development. 


However, irrespective of what the outlet has asserted, Gossip Cop debunked the story as ridiculous and untrue. As of this writing, there is no confirmation from Jennifer Lopez or Alex Rodriguez that they are expecting a baby together.