Princess Diana deliberately lied to Prince Charles to convince the heir to the throne that they were a perfect match.

At the start of their relationship, Prince Charles was reportedly attracted to Princess Diana’s beauty. But, on top of this, the dad of two thought that he and Princess Diana shared several common interests.

In the book “Charles: The Man Who Will Be King,” royal author Howard Hodgson claimed that Princess Diana told Prince Charles that she understood what was expected of her as a future member of the royal family.

The Princess of Wales also claimed to understand the harsh demands of duty to the people. Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom also expressed her love for Balmoral because she knows that Prince Charles loved the countryside. However, Hodgson said that none of these were true.

“The Princess lacked the discipline needed for continual duty, only had the stomach for the media when it suited her, hated Balmoral, thought country life was boring, was frightened of riding and was exceedingly jealous of Charles’ friends,” he said.

Hodgson also said that Prince Charles was simply being true to what he had been taught was the best way to select a wife for his sake and the sake of the British monarchy.

“He knew his marriage had to last, and he believed that great friendship, common interest and an understanding of what was involved were essential if there was to be any chance of success. Diana convinced him that she was the girl for the job,” he said.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s differences eventually affected their marriage. At one point, Prince Charles found out that Princess Diana disliked Balmoral.

In the book “Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words,” the Princess of Wales told royal author Andrew Morton that she didn’t like Balmoral because the atmosphere there was always negative.

Princess Diana also said that she would panic a lot whenever she’s in Balmoral especially since she’s always surrounded by the royal family. The late royal also said that Queen Elizabeth’s house sucked her dry.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage only lasted for 11 years. After tying the knot in 1981, they announced their separation in 1992. Four years later, the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their divorce.

According to sources, the Queen had a say in the royal couple’s split. After hearing Princess Diana’s Panorama interview, the monarch reportedly became enraged.