“Little Women” star Florence Pugh has had it with the internet talking about her relationship with “Scrubs” star Zach Braff, who is 21 years older than her.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the 24-year-old Pugh uploaded a video on her Instagram calling out people who had left shaming messages on one of her Instagram posts that showed the 45-year-old Braff napping while they quarantined together.

In the video, Pugh emphasized that she is already an adult at 24-years-old and should not be told who she “should and should not love.” Pugh said she would never do it to anybody else and it isn’t anybody’s place to do it to her either.

She said that the moment she posted the picture of the napping Braff, the post was inundated with abuse and that people were “basically bullying” someone on her Instagram.

As UPI reports, the relationship between Pugh and Braff was speculated about last year after the two worked together on the short film “In the Time It Takes to Get There.”

When Pugh’s post of herself in Los Angeles got a princess emoji comment from Braff, a commenter remarked that he was already in his forties. Pugh shot back with “And yet he got it??”

However, the couple only made it Instagram official on Monday when they shared photos of each other on their respective Instagram pages.

While Pugh has had to deal with this while on self-quarantine, other celebrities have had a more pleasant and productive time self-isolating.

Actor-writer-producer John Krasinski, for instance, launched a YouTube series called “Some Good News.” Aside from showing some appreciation for healthcare workers in the premiere episode, Krasinski also shared some good news like a grandfather seeing his grandson for the first time and the engagement of a Virginia couple. 

The highlight, however, was a mini-reunion with his “The Office” co-star, Steve Carell. Carell reminisced with Krasinski and remarked that it was great to see Krasinski’s face.

Meanwhile, Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie spent her time self-quarantining with her six kids. Aside from helping her kids with their schoolwork, Jolie also took it as an opportunity to donate a million dollars to No Kid Hungry, an organization looking to feed the 22 million children that will be left hungry because of the school closures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The way the numbers look, it appears that Pugh will be spending even more time with Braff self-quarantining. According to the situation report released by the World Health Organization for Apr. 9, there are now 82,837 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus, bringing the global total to 1,436,198.