March 31 marked the last day that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considered as senior members of the royal family. But despite this, the couple will not be shutting down their Sussex Royal Instagram account. 

Express UK reports that the account will no longer be active given that Harry and Meghan are transitioning to non-royal life. But they have also said that their son, Archie, will be celebrating his first birthday in about a month. Once in a while, the couple would post a picture of their little bundle of joy, and now there is anticipation on whether they would still use the account, which has 11.3 million followers, to post about their son's birthday. 

But, the couple could also be gearing toward creating a new social media account that has nothing to do with Sussex royal. Part of their arrangement is that they can no longer use the Sussex Royal brand. The two may already be planning to build their own brand, now that they have also enlisted the services of a PR company in the United States. The Palace will no longer speak on behalf of Harry and Meghan in the future. 

There is also no word on whether Harry and Meghan will return to the UK anytime soon. Harry was supposed to go back to London last April 4, as reported by Vanity Fair. He was set to participate in the London Marathon, but the event has been moved to October 4 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sources say that Harry is worried for his the rest of the royal family, especially after his father was diagnosed with COVID-19. He is particularly thinking about his grandparents, who, given their age, are more vulnerable to contracting the virus and getting critically ill. Being away from them may feel burdensome for Harry, but with technology, he is also able to keep in contact with them. 

Meanwhile, since coming to America, Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and their son Archie have reportedly not yet left the compound where they are staying. The family was staying in Vancouver Island until recently, but before the borders in Canada and the US were closed, they took a private flight to LA. 

It looks like they plan to live here for a while and make California their home base. Meghan grew up in LA, so she would be in familiar surroundings. They have not talked about what their plans are in the future, but there are rumors of Harry focusing on building a non-profit organization.