Princess Diana reportedly lost her composure towards the end of her marriage to Prince Charles.

According to Woman UK, Princess Diana confided in her good friend, James Gilbey about her marital problems and struggles with the royal family.

The Princess of Wales and Gilbey’s conversation in 1990 was leaked to the public. In the recording, Princess Diana complained about Prince Charles. And she also cussed at the royal family and questioned Queen Mother’s look.

“He makes my life real torture, I’ve decided,” Princess Diana said about Prince Charles.

The mom of two also said that she wanted to do something dramatic because she can’t stand the confines of her marriage.

When it came to Queen Mother, the late royal said that she always notices her staring at her.

“It’s not hatred, it’s sort of pity and interest mixed in one. Every time I look up, she’s looking at me and then looks away and smiles,” she said.

And during one of her rages, Princess Diana used an expletive while talking about the royal family and everything that she’s done for them.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship will take center stage in an upcoming movie and Kristen Stewart will play the role of Princess Diana.

Director Pablo Larrain spoke with Deadline about the movie.

“They spent Christmas there for many years, and that’s where we set the movie, in the early 90s, around 1992. It’s Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day – three days, very contained,” he said.

Meanwhile, Woman UK also looked at the time when Princess Diana realized that her marriage to Prince Charles is doomed.

The publication said that Princess Diana was already aware of Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair for a long time. During her interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama, the Princess of Wales said that there were three of them in her marriage. As such, it was a bit crowded.

Former protection officer Ken Wharfe also revealed that Princess Diana confronted Camilla about her affair with Prince Charles.

Prince Charles was at the birthday party of Camilla’s sister and Princess Diana suddenly arrived at the venue even though she wasn’t invited.

“Everyone was in total shock at seeing the princess there as they were Charles’ friends, not hers. I almost couldn’t bear to see her humiliated in front of so many people. I felt very uncomfortable for her,” Wharfe told Daily Mail.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced in 1996.