Camilla Parker Bowles is, allegedly, experiencing one of the biggest ironies of her life.

According to Globe, the Duchess of Cornwall found out that she’s dying shortly after Queen Elizabeth crowned her and Prince Charles as the queen and king of Britain.

“This is the ultimate irony. Camilla’s done despicable things all her life in her quest to be queen. She betrayed her husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, with Charles and as the prince’s mistress, destroyed his marriage to Diana to get her out of the way. She’s trashed Prince William and his wife, Kate, her rival for the crown, by telling nasty lies,” the source said.

“Now, after Queen Elizabeth rejected William and Kate as her immediate heirs and named Charles and Camilla her successors, the Duchess of Cornwall has learned she’s at death’s door,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the queen isn’t hoping that Camilla will die. But she’s secretly delighted that her daughter-in-law will never sit on the throne.

One can’t help but wonder why the tabloid’s statements contradict each other. The queen, allegedly, chose Camilla and Prince Charles to be her successors, but she doesn’t want Camilla to sit on the throne.

Meanwhile, Camilla is, allegedly, suffering from liver cancer. And she found out about the heartbreaking news following a routine check-up.

“Camilla thought the changes in her complexion – a yellowish cast – were due to age. She just applied more makeup. But doctors said Camilla has jaundice – and her liver is so far gone she has to stop drinking immediately,” the source said.

The insider also accused Camilla of being an alcoholic and said that she would have a harder time to quit drinking than to beat her cancer diagnosis.

As for Prince Charles, he, allegedly, doesn’t want to give Camilla any special treatment so he’s refusing to help her up on the transplant list.

Without Prince Charles’ help, Camilla's only option is, allegedly, to go to India to look for a cheap and quick $40,000 transplant.

And if the transplant fails, Prince Charles could, allegedly, be in danger because Camilla is keeping a diary with all of the royal family’s secrets in it.

“Many believed Charles would have arranged for Camilla to have a fatal accident – like Diana – except he knows she’s kept a diary to be released in the event of her suspicious death,” the source said.

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. Camilla isn’t suffering from liver cancer, and she’s not an alcoholic.

The queen didn’t also reject Prince William and Middleton as her successors. After all, the order of succession dictates that Prince Charles is the queen’s successor.