Prince Charles, allegedly, revealed the real reason why he murdered Princess Diana.

Last year, royal author Lady Colin Campbell revealed that Princess Diana was trying to halt Prince Charles’ chances to become king.

An insider also told Globe that Prince Charles feared his ex-wife would destroy the monarchy by having Dodi Al Fayed’s children and become a Muslim.

“The many people who believe the car wreck was ‘staged’ with rigged brakes point the finger at Charles as behind it – including Diana’s sons, William and Harry,” the source said.

Since Prince Charles and Princess Diana were already divorced at the time of the latter’s death, the Princess of Wales was no longer an official member of the royal family.

Still, the late royal’s attempts to block Prince Charles from the throne is, allegedly, a powerful reason for murder. The insider said that Prince Charles might have been pressured into killing his ex-wife by his then-mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Duchess of Cornwall, allegedly, wanted to become queen as quickly as possible. And she didn’t want Princess Diana or anyone else to halt her plans.

Meanwhile, Campbell said in her book that Princess Diana was plotting to undermine Prince Charles by telling the world that he was too weak to take on the throne.

The Princess of Wales, reportedly, wanted Prince William to be named boy king, so she could act as regent until Prince William becomes an adult.

“Her agenda was if the queen dies and Charles is out of the line of succession, William becomes king and she can work herself into the position of being regent,” Campbell said in the book Diana in Private

The royal author’s allegations seemingly coincided with what Princess Diana said during her interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama. Decades ago, she talked about her ex-husband’s character.

“I would think that the top job would bring enormous limitations to him. And I don’t whether he could adapt to that,” she said.

However, Princess Diana never explicitly said that Prince Charles wasn’t fit to become king. But her statement was evidently open for interpretation.

Princess Diana’s death was still deemed as an accident after her car crashed in Paris. Even though claims that Prince Charles murdered Princess Diana are still rife today, there hasn’t been any proof to implicate him.

It is also unlikely for Prince Charles to murder his ex-wife because he knows how much the late royal meant to their sons.