Camilla Parker Bowles was, allegedly, locked in a psych ward for 72 hours after she physically attacked her sister-in-law, Princess Anne.

According to Globe, Princess Anne told Camilla that she unfit to become queen, and the Duchess of Cornwall went berserk.

“Charles’ wife went berserk and physically attacked his sister. Camilla had to be pulled off Anne by two members of Her Majesty’s own security team. A doctor gave Camilla a sedative – but the incident was horrifying. The queen was aghast. The Prince of Wales rushed his wife to a car and had her driven home immediately – and Charles had her committed,” the source said.

The Duchess of Cornwall, allegedly, started going to therapy after the incident and amid fears that she could be dangerous. According to the source, the royal family thinks that Prince Charles’ wife is crazy and he should file a divorce from her.

The insider also said that Princess Anne and Camilla usually hide their real feelings for each other. But the truth is, they, allegedly, hate each other behind closed doors.

“You can cut the tension with a knife any time they’re in the same room together. Anne is so disgusted with Camilla, she’s been overheard calling her a boozed-up, [expletive] divorcee – not exactly royal language. She’s pretty much frozen her sister-in-law out since she married Charles in 2005. But now that Queen Elizabeth is facing her final days, their hostility has erupted like never before,” the source said.

Princess Anne doesn’t, allegedly, want Prince Charles to take the throne with Camilla by his side. After all, the mom of two is, allegedly, a disgrace to the royal family.

But Camilla, who, allegedly, had too much drink, told Princess Anne that she would have to curtsy to her one day when she becomes queen. Princess Royal became upset because this is the last thing that she wants to do.

According to the source, the senior royals’ feud dates to the time when they both fell in love with the same man. However, Andrew Parker Bowles chose Camilla over Princess Anne.

“Princess Anne detests her for seducing Charles and causing his divorce from Princess Diana. He was like a lamb to the slaughter. Camilla seduced him with [expletive] the likes of which he’d never experienced,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Princess Anne and Camilla never had a heated and soap opera-like confrontation.