Princess Kate's prolonged absence from the public eye has ignited intense speculation and concern regarding her health and well-being. The Princess of Wales, who has not been seen publicly for 163 days, is reportedly battling a severe health crisis, with many fearing the worst.

Rumors began to swirl after Prince William's wife was last officially photographed during the Christmas holidays alongside their children. The news blackout on her condition has only heightened fears that the palace is concealing the true extent of her health issues, believed to be ovarian cancer. "The silence about Kate’s health crisis — believed to be ovarian cancer — is deafening," a senior courtier told GLOBE. "We’re terrified Kate’s way worse than the royals are saying."

Adding to the concern is speculation that Kate may be dealing with more than just cancer. Some palace insiders suggest she could be hospitalized for severe emotional issues, with fears that she may never resume her royal duties. "All this secrecy is devastating and points to an impending disaster for the monarchy," shared one insider.

The alarm bells were further triggered when Kensington Palace revealed that Kate was the driving force behind a major report by her Early Childhood Foundation on May 21. However, the lack of a personal statement from the 42-year-old mother of three and the admission that she won't be returning to duties anytime soon fueled accusations of a royal cover-up. "What is the palace trying to hide about Kate?" pondered a royal observer. "She was the most photographed woman in the world, and there hasn’t been a single picture of her going to or from the hospital for treatment."

Reports indicate that Kate underwent secretive abdominal surgery in mid-January, and palace insiders revealed that she was suffering from cancer. A pale and gaunt Kate finally admitted to the heartbreaking diagnosis in a video released on March 22. This revelation came just weeks after King Charles disclosed his own battle with a benign prostate condition.

Despite King Charles resuming his duties, Kate remains conspicuously absent, raising further questions. "There is a horrible ongoing silence as to the whereabouts and well-being of our future queen," said the observer. Kate had requested privacy upon revealing her diagnosis, anticipating the devastating effects of chemotherapy on her appearance. "Kate was very thin before, and the chemo’s likely left her looking skeletal," a palace courtier revealed. "Her hair is her crowning glory, but word is it was falling out in clumps and by now she may be totally bald."

Despite these challenges, many expected Kate to face her health battle publicly, serving as an advocate for cancer patients. "She’d want to be an example of what happens to someone undergoing debilitating chemo and could be an inspiration for others," the courtier continued. "The fact she is hiding away — or being hidden away — is frightening."

Kate's absence was particularly noted at a recent garden party hosted by Prince William, who enlisted the help of his cousins, including Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to assist with hosting duties. "The only way Kate can stop the speculation she is dying or suffering a mental breakdown is to appear in public, even briefly," emphasized the courtier.

However, any potential public appearance by Kate seems unlikely in the immediate future. Both King Charles and Prince William have canceled all public engagements following British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's call for a general election on July 4. With Kate having already canceled all appearances for the remainder of the year, speculation about her condition is expected to continue unabated.

"As the late Queen Elizabeth always said: ‘You have to be seen to be believed,’" the courtier warned. Without a public appearance to quell the rumors, anxiety over Princess Kate's health will likely persist, leaving the public and royal watchers in a state of uncertainty and concern.