Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been warned about the potential long-term effects of their ongoing feud with the Royal Family on their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. According to royal commentator Jennie Bond, the estrangement from the British monarchy could have a devastating impact on the young royals as they grow older and become more curious about their heritage.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made several explosive claims about life within the Palace since stepping back from their roles as senior royals and relocating to the United States. Their decision to speak out against the institution has led to a largely estranged relationship with the rest of the Royal Family, a situation that Bond believes could have serious consequences for their children.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Bond explained, "Children grow up and are innately curious about their heritage and background... and when your heritage is one of the most famous families in the world, it will undoubtedly seem rather odd and perhaps sad that you hardly know or remember them." She predicts that the worst of the impact will be felt when Prince Archie reaches his teenage years.

"Imagine Archie, aged 15, telling his friends, 'My grandpa is/was King! And my Uncle is/will be King too.' But he hardly knew or met them. How sad... and Meghan would have to bear the brunt of the responsibility for that," Bond remarked. Prince Archie, who now lives in America with his parents and sister, hasn't seen the Royal Family since 2022.

Royal author Tom Quinn previously told The Mirror that Archie is desperate to visit the UK and reunite with the Royal Family, a desire that has reportedly caused concern for Meghan Markle. According to Quinn, "Archie loves the idea that his grandad lives in a castle and Meghan was worried that a magnificent shepherd's hut or similar extravagant present will only increase Archie's growing interest in his royal connections."

Quinn added, "She doesn't want Britain to become a longed-for fantasy for her son so she had been pushing Harry to insist that his father gets Archie a simple present." This reported stance from the Duchess of Sussex appears to clash with King Charles' desire to be an indulgent grandparent to his grandchildren.

"But Charles is desperate to show he cares and he wants to be an indulgent grandparent, partly because he has mellowed over the years and wants to makeup for what he sees as his neglect of his own sons," Quinn explained. The King hasn't seen his grandson Archie since 2022, and according to Quinn, the young royal misses his grandfather deeply.

"King Charles hasn't seen his grandson Archie since 2022 and Archie really misses him many of Archie's books are about kings, princesses and castles and he knows enough to know that his grandfather lives in a castle. He is apparently desperate to come to the UK with his father, but Meghan and Harry don't want to encourage this," the royal author revealed.

As the rift between the Sussexes and the Royal Family continues, the potential impact on Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet's relationship with their extended family remains a cause for concern. Jennie Bond's warning serves as a reminder of the long-term consequences that the ongoing feud may have on the young royals' sense of identity and connection to their heritage.

The clash between King Charles' desire to be an indulgent grandparent and Meghan Markle's reported concerns over Archie's growing interest in his royal connections highlights the complexities of the situation. As the children grow older, navigating their relationship with the British monarchy while living in America may prove to be a significant challenge for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.