The ongoing feud between King Charles and his younger brother, Prince Andrew, has intensified as the disgraced Duke of York remains steadfast in his refusal to vacate his lavish home, Royal Lodge. Friends of Prince Andrew have accused the King of engaging in a "cruel" campaign to force him out of the property, which Andrew intends to leave to his children as their inheritance.

According to sources close to the Duke, the Palace has learned nothing from the acrimonious departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from royal life. They argue that the anonymous briefings against Andrew are reminiscent of the tactics used against the Sussexes, which the couple has publicly complained about. One friend told The Daily Beast, "It's extraordinary that his brother has chosen to reopen this battle via anonymous briefings to the press. It's like they [the Palace] have learned nothing from the whole Harry and Meghan debacle."

The London Times recently reported that King Charles is renewing his efforts to evict Andrew, threatening to cut him off financially if he fails to comply. Palace insiders have dubbed the affair the "Siege of Royal Lodge." However, Andrew's friends insist that he has no intention of leaving the property, which was previously the residence of his famously extravagant grandmother, the Queen Mother.

"Andrew does not have a huge amount in his life any more, the house is one of the few things keeping him going, and the idea that he is going to throw that away along with his children's inheritance is just absurd," a friend stated. "The place is perfectly well maintained and the notion that Andrew is in dire financial straits is not remotely accurate. He still has the support of plenty of friends and has plenty of business interests."

Another contentious aspect of the dispute is the suggestion that King Charles wants to acquire Royal Lodge for his wife, Queen Camilla. Royal commentator Lady Hervey criticized this notion during a conversation on GB News, questioning the need for the King and Queen to have another home. "What does Charles need another house for? He wants his house for Camilla. Now, how does Camilla need another house?" Hervey asked. "They've got Windsor Castle. Why have a house that the Yorks have lived in for 20 years? Why do they have to keep going?"

The lease on Royal Lodge, which grants Andrew and his heirs the right to live there until June 15, 2078, at an annual rent of £260,000 ($330,000), is seen as Andrew's "key weapon" in the dispute. Author and historian Andrew Lownie, who is working on a new biography of the Duke, told The Daily Beast, "It's very clear that Charles is now completely fed up with him and would very much like him to move to Frogmore Cottage, but it all still comes down to the fact that Andrew has the lease. That means there is not much anyone can do."

Lownie also pointed out that the dispute stems from the long-standing animosity between the brothers and their households. "No-one is coming out of this very well, but if Charles is really serious about getting rid of him, he should stop paying for his security—but the problem there is that Andrew is the one royal who perhaps needs it more than any other," he added.

As the battle for Royal Lodge continues, friends of Prince Andrew have urged King Charles to drop his campaign and allow the Duke to remain in his home. They argue that the efforts to evict Andrew are counterproductive and have only served to bring the issue of his living arrangements back into the public eye. With neither side showing signs of backing down, the "Siege of Royal Lodge" appears set to continue, further straining the relationship between the royal brothers.