The desperate pleas of Live's co-host, Kelly Ripa, to her former sidekick Ryan Seacrest have painted a picture of a struggling chat show in need of reinvigoration. Insiders suggest that Ripa, 52, is starting to recognize that the chemistry between her and Seacrest, 48, was the magic ingredient to the show's success.

With dwindling audience approval and a show that appears to be floundering, Ripa is reportedly keen to reconstruct the successful team they once were. She extended an invitation to Seacrest, who left the show less than two months ago, for a special guest appearance in May.

However, sources reveal that Seacrest's single-day visit served to underscore Ripa's perceived failure as she beseeched him to breathe life back into the waning show. "She used Ryan's return as a chance to extol his virtues and emphasize the audience's love for their partnership," an insider explains. "In essence, she swallowed her pride."

Earlier reports suggested that Ripa called for her husband, Mark Consuelos, 52, to replace Seacrest when he exited the show. However, critical reviews for the husband-wife collaboration seem to have shaken the usually confident host, leading her to pinpoint Consuelos as the issue. "Kelly believes the quickest solution would be to bring Ryan back," states an inside source.

Meanwhile, Seacrest appears to be reveling in the situation, finding satisfaction in Ripa's sudden change of attitude. As a leading figure in the entertainment world with his hosting duties on American Idol and his role in producing Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Seacrest had reportedly grown weary of playing a subordinate role to Ripa. "Kelly admitting her need for him to return is extremely gratifying," an insider said with amusement.

Speculations have circulated that Seacrest was discussing launching his own daytime show, potentially knocking Ripa off her perch. However, insiders suggest the prospect of returning to Live as the 'savior' might hold even greater appeal. "He would come back as the triumphant hero," hints a source, adding that Ripa still has her work cut out for her to persuade him to return.