Amid escalating public disputes, Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seem to be striding toward a catastrophic divorce, less than twelve months into their tumultuous marriage. The growing tension between the couple became dramatically apparent at the L.A. premiere of Lopez’s latest film, "The Mother," on May 10, prompting insiders to worry about the longevity of their union.

Affleck, 50, was caught in a heated exchange with Lopez, 53, on the red carpet, leaving the surrounding audience in stunned silence. Sources indicate that Lopez expressed her frustration at Affleck's gloomy demeanor at the event, which echoed his previous attitude at the Grammys in February.

"Instead of projecting an image of marital bliss to the world, Ben's grumpiness cast a shadow over the evening. Jennifer is livid," disclosed an inside source.

Despite their efforts to maintain appearances for the camera, sources have revealed that the couple seems deeply unhappy, sparking rumors of an impending divorce. "They're on the brink of divorce, unless there's a miraculous turnaround," stated the source.

Observers speculate this could be a long shot, as the pair had a public disagreement just a day prior to their red carpet incident. In a visibly tense encounter during a coffee run, Affleck abruptly shut the passenger door after Lopez entered their car, exhibiting obvious frustration.

Days later, Affleck was seen engaged in a spirited conversation with Lopez on a Beverly Hills street, with her maintaining a stony expression. Reports suggest that Affleck, a father of three, is seeking some space from his assertive wife, who has been increasingly controlling, making demands ranging from health and fitness to brand development, house hunting, and family planning.

Affleck, seemingly feeling henpecked, is reportedly looking forward to more outings with his close friend Matt Damon, and even considering an extended solo stay at his old bachelor pad on Georgia's Hampton Island, insiders reveal.

This situation has only served to incense Lopez further, who, according to sources, is insistent on her demands and has directed Affleck to consult a relationship counselor to rejuvenate their diminishing intimacy.

"The crux of their issue is that Jennifer wants Ben to step up and be more committed, while Ben is considering taking some time apart to refresh," the insider explained. "Jennifer doesn't think she's smothering him at all. It's disheartening, but people are now speculating about the inevitable announcement of their divorce."

Affleck's Circle Urges Trial Separation Amidst Strained Marriage with Lopez

Amid the escalating public breakdown of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's marriage, those closest to the Batman actor are strongly urging him to consider a trial separation from his increasingly demanding wife, to prevent further toll on his mental health, insiders reveal.

Affleck's visible exhaustion and frustration are causing considerable worry among his loved ones, who believe he's being over-controlled and that this is suffocating him. "Seeing Ben being led around by the nose has clearly worn him down. His loved ones are deeply concerned for his mental well-being, praying that he will find the courage to take the break he so evidently needs," a source shared.

There's a growing desire within Affleck to return home to Boston for a significant hiatus from Lopez. However, her reluctance to allow this is a primary factor contributing to their current marital issues. "Ben's been yearning to take a respite in Boston, away from Jennifer, but she's been unyielding, and that's a key element behind their recent blowouts," sources revealed.

Affleck's mother, Chris, along with his brother, Casey, and his close friends, are spearheading the plea for Affleck's liberation from the strained relationship. Chris is said to have had severe doubts about Affleck marrying the high-maintenance star from the outset.

"His mother, brother, and friends have seen this scenario play out before. They're all imploring him to swiftly pack his bags and take the next flight out before the situation spirals further out of control," the insider disclosed.