A high-stakes lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has unveiled allegations of an elaborate plan to sell presidential pardons for a staggering $2 million each. This scandalous claim is part of a lawsuit filed by Noelle Dunphy, Giuliani's ex-business development manager. It carries serious implications that could potentially derail any future political ambitions for Trump and land both men in legal trouble.

In her legal filing, Dunphy stated that Giuliani had proposed the idea of selling pardons to her, implying that he and Trump were operating the scheme and would share the profits equally. She further claimed that Giuliani assured her of his "special immunity" from legal prosecution and insisted any prospective buyers bypass the official Pardon Attorney office to keep the dealings hidden.

Although Dunphy acknowledged the lack of evidence that any pardons were sold, these allegations could still attract federal prosecutors' attention. "This isn't a matter that federal law enforcement can simply dismiss," a Beltway insider commented. "The idea of selling pardons is highly significant, and Giuliani presents a compelling target for anyone seeking to build a case against Trump."

As previously reported, Giuliani was a key player in Trump's attempt to dispute President Joe Biden's 2020 election win, advancing baseless claims of voter fraud. This controversial involvement led to the suspension of his New York law license.

Additionally, Special Counsel Jack Smith is examining payments from Trump's political action committee Save America, compelling Giuliani and others to account for the funds they received. The latest allegations against Giuliani could compel him to testify against Trump.

Dunphy's lawsuit, however, is not just about the alleged pardon scheme. She has made a series of shocking allegations against Giuliani, including claims of sexual harassment, excessive drinking, and making inappropriate comments. Dunphy, who is suing Giuliani for $10 million on grounds of sexual harassment, abuse, and wage theft, also alleges that she was underpaid, receiving a meager $12,000 over two years.

These revelations are yet another blow to Giuliani, once celebrated as "America's Mayor." He is currently facing disbarment over accusations that he abused his legal license to endorse Trump's unfounded claims of election fraud.

Despite the severe allegations, Giuliani vehemently denies all charges, insisting his "lifetime of public service speaks for itself." But Dunphy claims to have secret recordings of Giuliani, and her lawyer, Justin Kelton, expects further corroboration.

Meanwhile, legal experts speculate that if proof emerges of the alleged pardon scheme, Giuliani might have no choice but to testify against Trump. "At that stage, it could be his only lifeline," a legal expert stated.

The National Enquirer reported on the comments.