While her father Donald Trump stirs controversy with political rhetoric and electoral conjecture, Ivanka Trump radiates tranquility, as she refrains from the tumultuous scenes.

On Sunday, May 21, the mother of three posted a photo on Instagram where she's seen in an elegant white off-the-shoulder cropped top and matching skirt, captured against the picturesque backdrop of her Florida balcony, shared with husband Jared Kushner.

Her caption read: "Bringing the heat for Game 3!#WhiteHotPlayoffs #WhiteHotHeat @MiamiHeat #Playoffs," attracting a slew of praises, notably from her brother Donald Trump Jr.'s betrothed, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who wrote, "Gorgeous! ".

The flattery from Guilfoyle comes as a surprise, given the long-standing reported friction between the two women. According to sources, Ivanka perceives Guilfoyle as an opportunistic social climber trying to wed her way into the family.

This notion was seemingly reinforced during Tiffany Trump's wedding in November 2022, where Guilfoyle, contrary to the pastel dress code, turned up in black, irritating both Tiffany and Ivanka. As a response, Ivanka reportedly excluded Guilfoyle from wedding photographs she uploaded on Instagram, even though she later removed those images and replaced them with ones including her future sister-in-law. However, an insider mentioned, "the damage was done."

The friction might also have roots in Ivanka's closeness with Vanessa Trump, Donald Jr.'s ex-wife, who parted ways with him in 2018. It was hoped that the couple would reconcile, but an insider says that this aspiration was quashed by Guilfoyle.

Ivanka's decision to withdraw from political life to prioritize her family in Miami has also allegedly strained her relationship with her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. As an insider describes it, "The result is Ivanka has been declared persona non grata by all the other Trumps."