Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is voicing concerns regarding the 2024 presidential race and the possibility of former President Donald Trump clinching the Republican nomination. Clinton, who was Trump's adversary in the 2016 election, highlighted Trump's broad sway over a significant segment of the GOP during an interview with Time magazine.

"Trump is not merely a former president or a presidential candidate; he is a cult leader…He holds sway over a significant portion of the Republican Party," she stated.

Clinton expressed her conviction that Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee, but she remains steadfast in her belief that he will be defeated by President Joe Biden, as in 2020.

The 75-year-old politician expressed grave concerns about the potential repercussions of a Trump victory in 2024, categorically stating it would precipitate "the end of democracy in the United States" and plunge Ukraine into chaos. She also suggested Trump would likely withdraw the U.S. from NATO, in line with his previous actions pulling out of the Iran deal and the Paris Accords.

"There are more potentially catastrophic consequences than I can enumerate," Clinton declared in Washington, D.C. "It's why we cannot allow it to happen."

She also took the opportunity to reflect on Trump's legal woes. He was arrested and arraigned in April for purportedly silencing Stormy Daniels about their alleged affair, and he was deemed liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll in the '90s.

Clinton critiqued Trump's tactics in the election, alleging his method was designed to manipulate the Electoral College and overlook majority rule. She asserted that Trump's approach was one of projection, accusing others of the very actions he was undertaking.

"In public life, I’ve not seen projection like this. They were hoping to exploit the Electoral College, unconcerned with his seven million vote loss. They don't subscribe to majority rule, but to self-determined pluralities, doing all they can to stymie those not voting for them," she said.

She reiterated her doubts about Trump's potential to win but emphasized the unpredictability of the Electoral College. "We must prevent such an outcome!" she concluded.