Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, sparked intrigue during her appearance at the Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington, D.C., on May 20, where she candidly addressed President Joe Biden's age and fitness for office.

In a conversation with Financial Times editor Edward Luce, Clinton, 75, was asked about a recent incident where Biden almost stumbled down the stairs. Luce enquired whether Biden's age, 80, was a cause for worry, especially given such potential health scares.

In response, Clinton was frank, though she has been a supporter of Biden. "Anxiety is universal when anyone stumbles, regardless of age. Younger presidents have had slips, too, without causing alarm," she remarked. "But yes, his age is indeed a subject to ponder upon."

Clinton did not entirely dismiss Biden's capabilities, however. She cited one of his quotes: "Don't judge me as running against the Almighty but against the alternative." She expressed her belief that Biden has a firm determination to run for re-election, and a substantial record of accomplishments that were not anticipated three years ago.

She praised Biden's success in creating jobs, fostering growth, and planning for the future with initiatives like the CHIPS Act. She argued that Biden hasn't been fully recognized for his contributions and that she hopes he remains steadfast and fit for the upcoming election. Clinton concluded, "He is capable of securing re-election, and we should all be optimistic about that."

Biden, despite the growing concern about his age since his announcement of a re-election bid in late April, remains unyielding in his conviction to serve another term.

Biden defended his age and performance in office during an interview with Jake Tapper, "Consider what I've achieved. Can any recent president match the progress I've made? This isn't hyperbole. Some might disagree with my accomplishments, but a large section of Americans approves."

He emphasized his achievements, such as advocating for veterans' compensation and taking action on gun control, and claimed that he's accomplished more in his first two years than any other president. To those questioning his fitness due to age, he humorously suggested, "Join me for a morning workout!"

Clinton's comments were reported by Fox News.