On the May 22 episode of "The View," a heated discussion on bachelorette party boundaries led to an unexpected moment of levity as Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated a lap dance for co-host Sunny Hostin.

The conversation began with Goldberg citing a survey of 6,000 Americans, which revealed that 70 percent admitted to crossing lines during bachelor or bachelorette festivities, ranging from indulging in lap dances to engaging in threesomes. The question of what constitutes cheating sparked a lively debate among the show's co-hosts.

Hostin, who initially felt lap dancing didn't constitute infidelity, expressed uncertainty, as she'd never witnessed a lap dance herself. In a lighthearted jest, she questioned, "Are both parties naked during a lap dance? Because if so, that sounds like cheating."

Seizing the opportunity to clear the confusion, Goldberg offered to provide a practical demonstration. Hostin enthusiastically agreed, and the audience burst into cheers as Goldberg, 67, moved towards a prepared Hostin, 54.

With Goldberg about to commence the impromptu lesson, Hostin pantomimed a playful spanking, causing Goldberg to roll her eyes in response to Hostin's mirth. Ana Navarro, another co-host, even suggested stepping aside to allow the demonstration, to which Goldberg humorously retorted, "Well, my behind's not that big."

Embracing the moment, Goldberg began her demonstration by stating she would initially face Hostin, then turn and perform a shimmy on her lap. This elicited peals of laughter from Hostin, who clung to Goldberg, an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winner.

Hostin asked mid-laughter, "And I get to touch you too?", as Goldberg swiveled around, bringing them face-to-face once more.

The memorable moment concluded with Hostin confessing a shift in her perspective: after Goldberg's illustration, she conceded that receiving a lap dance could indeed be perceived as cheating.