As per royal commentators, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, once Britain's beloved royal couple, are experiencing a significant wane in their American support base.

Digital royal reporter for Express, Kara Kennedy, and Mail on Sunday's editor-at-large, Charlotte Griffiths, suggest that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's appeal to American fans has suffered a noteworthy decline in recent times. However, International Business Times hasn't independently confirmed these claims.

Kennedy, speaking from Washington, D.C., described the situation as "catastrophic" on GB News' "Dan Wootton Tonight". She claimed, "People who were indifferent, even grown men in their 30s with no opinion on Meghan and Harry, now genuinely despise them." She further noted that the Sussexes have lost favor not only with the American public but also with the press, a vital pillar of their reputation.

Dan Wootton, the show's host, drew attention to the skepticism surrounding the Sussexes' recent claim of a prolonged "aggressive paparazzi" car chase in New York City. Wootton implied that such incidents might have exposed perceived "fantasies" and alleged "lies", leading to the Duke and Duchess' dwindling credibility among Americans.

Griffiths concurred, remarking that Americans, generally less cynical, took longer to catch on to the couple's supposed exaggerations. She suggested that a February "South Park" episode lampooning the royal couple and the car chase controversy contributed to the decline in their popularity.

Per a Newsweek poll from December 2022, Markle and Prince Harry had lower net approval ratings than Prince William and Middleton among Americans. Markle scored +23 and Prince Harry +38, compared to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's +40 and +43.

Following the couple's account of being pursued by photographers after leaving the 2023 Women of Vision Awards, their spokesperson confirmed the incident. The NYPD supported their version of the event, admitting the Sussexes had a "challenging" time leaving the venue, although no collisions, injuries or arrests were reported.

However, critics claim the couple's narrative was overstated, with an unnamed photographer describing the incident as far from "near catastrophic". The taxi driver who briefly drove the couple that night shared similar sentiments, stating he "never felt like he was in danger."

While Whoopi Goldberg dismissed the Sussexes' account of a car chase in New York as implausible, her co-host on "The View", Sunny Hostin, defended the couple, asserting their right to feel "scared" in such a situation.