Renowned royal commentator, Bronte Coy, has expressed intrigue over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision not to publicly recognize their fifth wedding anniversary. Coy, who serves as an entertainment and royal reporter for, found the couple's silence to be particularly unusual.

Coy shared her thoughts on Sky News Australia's "The Royal Report," stating, "It's peculiar that they have chosen not to commemorate the occasion publicly. One might surmise they've chosen privacy, but this seems inconsistent with their recent public engagements and media projects."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who wedded in a glamorous ceremony at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, on May 19, 2018, have recently been the subjects of significant media attention.

Reflecting on the half-decade since their opulent nuptials, Coy noted a shift in royal enthusiasts' perspectives. She said, "A mere five years have passed since their wedding, yet it feels as though multiple lifetimes have elapsed. They were a beacon of joy and hope for a new era of the royal family. How times have shifted."

Coy speculated that the Sussexes might be using their anniversary to contemplate their accomplishments since stepping down from royal obligations and moving stateside. However, she felt that they had yet to make significant strides toward the new phase of life they had discussed.

Her sentiments were echoed by royal expert Shannon Felton Spence, the former head of communications and politics at the British Consulate in Boston. Speaking to Fox News Digital, she expressed her uncertainty about the couple's strategy for transitioning to their next phase of life post-royalty.

The Sussexes had previously marked their first wedding anniversary in 2019 by sharing photographs of their wedding on Instagram. However, their social media activity declined significantly after they relinquished their royal duties and relocated to California in 2020.

The couple typically celebrates their anniversary in a low-key manner, focusing on family time and gift exchanges, as reported by People. Sources stated that their gifts to each other over the past four anniversities have ranged from paper, cotton, and leather to fruit and flowers.

This year, the tradition could have involved wooden gifts symbolizing the strength and endurance of their marriage, according to

Despite not publicly acknowledging their anniversary, the couple previously shared unseen images from their wedding and reception in their Netflix docuseries, "Harry and Meghan," released in December 2022.

The Sussexes also recently reaffirmed their strong bond when they were spotted enjoying a sushi date in Montecito with other celebrity couples.