In a strategic maneuver to safeguard his political ambitions for 2024, Donald Trump has reportedly reached a renewed agreement with his wife, Melania Trump, to ensure her continued public support. According to insiders, this renegotiation has been necessitated by a mounting legal crisis that threatens to unravel a potential $3.2 billion divorce.

Sources indicate that Melania Trump's recent endorsement of her husband's past administration and his forthcoming re-election campaign was strategically timed following the negotiation. Melania, 53, extended her public support to her beleaguered husband mere hours before a civil court jury handed down a $5 million verdict against him, favoring E. Jean Carroll's claims of defamation and battery stemming from a 1996 assault.

Following Carroll's public revelations, Trump dismissed her as a liar, a move that led the jury to enforce the hefty penalty. As a result, the former first lady seized the moment to renegotiate the couple's prenuptial agreement. She is reported to have secured an increased monthly allowance and an enhanced inheritance for their 17-year-old son, Barron, in exchange for her continued presence alongside Trump, both on the campaign trail and potentially in the White House.

"This was a situation where it was either take it or leave it," said a source. "Melania wasn't willing to negotiate with Donald, and he knew that without her, his return to the Oval Office would be next to impossible."

Despite the court ruling, Trump, 76, vehemently denies Carroll's allegations and even claims he doesn't know her. However, his credibility has been further strained by new, unsubstantiated allegations of his inappropriate advances toward female White House staff members.

Following the costly legal defeat, Trump took to social media to vent his outrage, terming it as "a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt of all time!" According to insiders, the trial's outcome has significantly influenced the revised agreement with Melania.

The National Enquirer had previously reported that the couple had commenced a three-month trial separation, and Melania was contemplating divorce. "She was planning a summer in Europe with Barron, using the time to decide her next steps concerning her marriage," a source revealed.

The recent spotlight on Trump's past alleged affairs, including porn star Stormy Daniels, has reportedly humiliated Melania. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's recent investigation into whether Trump disguised illicit payments within The Trump Organization's books revived these old allegations, leading to a 34-count felony indictment against him.

Trump is not unfamiliar with adjusting prenuptial agreements, having reportedly done so with his first wife, Ivana. Melania also allegedly leveraged her husband's political career to secure a better prenup after his 2016 victory. The recent renegotiation seems to continue this pattern, with Melania once again capitalizing on the situation.