Prominent TV host and actress, Whoopi Goldberg, known for her candid remarks, has stirred controversy once again, this time within her professional circle at "The View."

During the episode aired on May 24, the discussion turned towards a recently released documentary based on the troubled life of Anna Nicole Smith. Goldberg, known for her roles in films like "Sister Act," utilized the conversation to express her thoughts on the current state of television.

"We, as a society, love to watch stuff to judge folks," she commented, pointing towards reality TV shows like "Basketball Wives" and "The Real Housewives." Goldberg singled out the musical competition "American Idol" as what she deemed the "beginning of the downfall of society."

The irony of her critique was not lost, as "American Idol" is aired on ABC, the same channel that hosts "The View." Unfazed by this, Goldberg carried on with her commentary. "Once we gave people the ability to judge other people, I think we ran amok with it. And it’s gone out of control," she asserted.

Offscreen, producer Brian Teta seemingly gestured to Goldberg to tone down her criticism of the network, but Goldberg remained undeterred. "Did you really just do that?" she queried, brushing off his silent reproof. Despite their disagreement, Goldberg did acknowledge that the tone of "American Idol" has evolved over time.

"When I was watching [American Idol], ABC didn’t have it. We have it now, and it’s a different show," she conceded, while also making it clear that her views on the program were well-known to ABC. "ABC knows I feel like this, I’ve told them. It has nothing to do with them; it’s to do with the show," she clarified.

Goldberg's on-air disputes and startling viewpoints, such as her recent comments on the Holocaust, are hardly a novelty. Her outspoken nature often puts her at odds with her colleagues, leading to concerns about her future on the show.

Citing an inside source, OK! reported that Goldberg's tendencies to voice controversial opinions could be a potential roadblock in her career trajectory. "Many at the network — including her fellow hosts — believe Whoopi is too controversial now for the show," the source revealed. Amid these discussions, there are calls for a stronger response from network leadership, with one source urging, "Peter Rice [Chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content] needs to step up and do his job and fire Whoopi."