As the Hollywood community anxiously holds its breath, associates of Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx are reportedly bracing themselves for potential farewells, amidst grave concerns about the actor's health. Sources intimate to Foxx have expressed alarm over his lengthy hospitalization following a stroke, sparking fears that the beloved actor may be in a critical condition.

For the past month, Foxx has been undergoing treatment, a significant departure from his typically public life, leading to heightened apprehensions among his friends. "Long-term hospitalization doesn't occur without serious implications. His friends, who were previously in regular touch with him, haven't heard anything since his medical emergency," shared an insider.

The 55-year-old actor, best known for his stirring performance in 'Ray', suffered a medical setback on April 11 during the filming of 'Back in Action', leading to an unexpectedly prolonged hospitalization in Atlanta. Given the guarded nature of Foxx's family regarding his current health condition, speculation and concern are rife among his close associates.

A post on Foxx's Instagram account on May 4, seemingly seeking to address the situation, did little to allay his friends' fears. The post read, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” accompanied by prayer, heart, and fox emojis. However, the unusual silence from the otherwise gregarious star before this post has raised doubts among insiders.

"It's inconceivable that Jamie would only communicate via social media, yet not respond to his closest friends' messages. He is usually so diligent in maintaining contact but hasn't been answering calls from those dearest to him. This is highly uncharacteristic behavior," a source disclosed.

Friends of the actor, including Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Ellen DeGeneres, and 'Collateral' co-star Tom Cruise, are said to have contacted Foxx's daughter Corinne, who has been acting as the family's spokesperson, to arrange visits. The insider added, "Everyone is dreading the thought that this might be their final opportunity to say goodbye to Jamie. His silence has only heightened their fears."

The ENQUIRER reports that Foxx, whose health condition continues to be closely guarded, is experiencing difficulty walking and talking, leading to further speculation that he may never return to his acting career. As the situation remains uncertain, his friends are encouraging fans to pray for the actor during this difficult time.

National Enquirer reported on the insiders' comments.