Taylor Swift, the renowned pop star, has rekindled an old romance with English rock star Matty Healy, the frontman of 'The 1975'. However, Healy's tumultuous past, marked by struggles with drug addiction and erratic behavior, has raised eyebrows among Swift's inner circle.

Healy was spotted in the audience at Swift's "Eras" concert at Nissan Stadium in Nashville on May 6, fraternizing with Swift's close friends and supermodels, Lily Aldridge and Gigi Hadid. "They were all genuinely enjoying the night. Gigi even gave him an affectionate shoulder squeeze," an onlooker mentioned.

However, despite the apparent camaraderie, concerns are brewing among Swift's confidants. "There's apprehension around Matty's presence due to his troubled past," a source revealed. Swift and Healy's on-off romance reportedly dates back to 2014, but it was cut short by his personal struggles. Their connection was reestablished around the time Swift ended her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. Swift was even seen taking Healy back to her Nashville condo after the May 6 concert. "There's an undeniable chemistry between them," the source added, "His edginess is part of his appeal to her."

A decade ago, their liaison didn't transition into a commitment due to timing and Healy's spiraling drug addiction. In 2016, Healy controversially labeled their past connection as a mere "flirtation" and stated that dating the world's biggest pop star would be "emasculating." He later claimed his comments were misconstrued, and admitted he could be "an idiot on occasion, but not a misogynist."

Fast forward to 2023, Healy, now 34 and drug-free since a rehab stint in 2017, appears more mature, according to insiders. Swift, 33, is reportedly standing by him, assisting in his continued sobriety. However, Healy's bold social media presence and rumored romantic escapades earlier this year, indicate that he still carries a "wild side." "He's a true rock star archetype, and Taylor not only handles that, she's drawn to it," the source affirmed.

The swift progression of their romance has been noted by fans. During her May 5 concert, Swift reportedly mouthed a phrase to the camera, "This is about you, you know who you are. I love you," seemingly mirroring a similar phrase uttered by Healy during his concert in the Philippines a couple of days prior.

Despite the rapid pace of their romance, insiders believe it's not surprising considering their long-standing familiarity. "It's not a fleeting infatuation. Taylor and Matty's connection is genuine and enduring," the insider concluded.

In Touch (USA) Reported on the insider's comments.