Angelina Jolie, grappling with the emotional fallout from her acrimonious divorce from Brad Pitt, is reportedly finding it challenging to establish new connections.

Sources familiar with the situation state that Jolie has been notably solitary following her 2016 split from Pitt. In a rare public outing last month, the celebrated actress and her son Maddox were spotted at the White House State Dinner.

Choosing not to address the press at the event, an insider commented, "She hasn’t been in the public eye like this for some time. Her public outings are limited."

Jolie, at the age of 47, also resigned from her post as a United Nations special envoy in December, a position she held for over 20 years.

A source noted, "She has distanced herself from long-standing professional relationships and only maintains communication with her children. She is isolated. Her existence is extremely solitary."

Jolie's interpersonal relations also seem to have been affected. An insider shared, "Her interactions can often seem distant and defensive." Despite sporadic bonding with fellow actresses like Elle Fanning and Salma Hayek, Jolie is self-admittedly not very sociable with women.

For a long time, Jolie found her support system in her ex-husband Brad and their children. As she confessed in 2011, "Brad is truly the only individual I converse with."

Post-divorce, Angelina briefly rekindled her relationship with her father Jon Voight, but according to insiders, they have since lost touch.

Jolie's brother, James Haven, who was "her rock for many years," is currently estranged from the actress, the source disclosed.

Jolie hasn’t engaged in any serious romantic relationships since her split from Brad. An insider shared, "Her love life has nearly come to a standstill," referring to her fleeting dalliance with The Weeknd in 2021.

The source added, "There's no doubt she yearns for companionship. However, she seems hesitant to immerse herself completely in another relationship."

"Angelina, once exuding an adventurous, effervescent spirit, seems to have dimmed significantly in recent years," revealed a source. "With time, hopefully, she'll be ready to date and rediscover joy. Her children are eager to see their mother genuinely joyful once more."

As first reported by, Jolie continues her legal tussle with Brad over the sale of her share in their winery.