As pop icon Britney Spears sets her sights on publishing a $15 million memoir, those from her past are bracing themselves for the impending storm. According to insiders, Spears' family members and ex-lovers are fearing potential backlash from the book's revelations, with some even mobilizing legal teams to limit potential damage.

Sources have indicated that the Spears clan is gathering a formidable fleet of attorneys, ready to safeguard their interests and reputations. Simultaneously, a pair of Britney's former beaus have allegedly approached the memoir's publisher, Simon & Schuster, lobbying for a delay in the book's release.

Irish actor Colin Farrell is particularly apprehensive about Spears' impending exposé, insiders suggest. The pop star reportedly lambasts Farrell for their 2003 breakup, accusing him of sending a tasteless bumper sticker after their split that read, "Honk if you've slept with Colin Farrell." Despite Farrell's alleged apology, Spears is said to be using her book as a platform for settling all past grievances.

"She needs a cash infusion," a source said, pointing out that Spears has been living a lavish lifestyle while also shouldering hefty legal costs associated with her recent conservatorship battle.

One unexpected savior might be Hollywood heavyweight Ryan Murphy, who is reportedly interested in creating a TV documentary about Spears, featuring her personal involvement. The 'Oops!...I Did It Again' singer has been critical of past documentaries about her life, but Murphy, who featured Spears in a 2010 episode of 'Glee', is said to be pitching the idea to her.

"Ryan has made the idea of doing a docuseries very appealing to Britney," a source said. "She would have total control and she's currently contemplating the offer."

However, even Murphy's potential project could find itself entangled in controversy as Britney's memoir reportedly includes scathing criticisms of her father and former conservator, Jamie Spears, and other family members.

"Jamie is convinced his daughter is out to ruin his reputation," the insider added. "The family has top-notch lawyers whose role will be to prevent Britney from doing just that. It's set to become a costly and heated battle."