Britney Spears' marriage to Sam Asghari is reportedly on shaky ground, according to sources who spoke to TMZ for an upcoming documentary on the pop icon's life. The 41-year-old singer's relationship has allegedly taken a turbulent turn, with reported instances of physical altercations and high-volume disputes.

The couple's intense disagreements have reportedly escalated to the point where security intervention was required. Asghari, 29, is said to be spending less time at their shared home, raising concerns given Spears' reliance on him since her conservatorship ended.

In defense of his wife, Asghari took to Instagram to voice his criticism of those telling Spears' story without her input, particularly during the period when she was silenced under her conservatorship. He found it "disgusting" that Spears, a highly influential figure in the music industry, was confined under her father's control, used as a "money-making machine," and is now being scrutinized after finally gaining freedom.

Amid these relationship issues, Spears' caffeine consumption habits have also been brought to light. Sources claim that Spears indulges in energy drinks, coffee, and tea to the point of staying awake for up to three days straight. Mental health professionals, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, suggest that such behavior might be an attempt to achieve a high from caffeine, which can be detrimental to overall health.

Spears responded to these claims on social media, asserting her right to do what makes her "feel most alive." She revealed her newfound fondness for coffee after being denied it for years and stated her intention to continue enjoying it.

The upcoming TMZ documentary, "Britney Spears, The Price of Freedom," explores the pop star's life since her conservatorship ended in November 2021. It delves into her relationships with family, her marriage to Asghari, and observed concerns from those close to her.

Spears has had a tumultuous personal history, including a high-profile meltdown in 2007, a conservatorship overseen by her now-estranged father, and a custody battle over her two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline. Her sons were notably absent from her wedding to Asghari, reportedly due to their own decision.

Despite the challenges, Spears is currently working on her autobiography, which has been delayed due to legal concerns raised by some of the high-profile individuals mentioned in her narrative. The documentary "Britney Spears, The Price of Freedom" airs on Monday, May 15, providing a closer look at the pop icon's ongoing struggle for personal freedom and stability.