Pop icon Britney Spears is reportedly planning a significant cosmetic revamp ahead of bikini season, aiming to defy the effects of aging at 41. According to insiders, the star is considering a range of procedures beyond her regular Botox and filler treatments.

A source reveals that Britney is concerned about eye bags, her sagging neckline, and sunspots that have appeared since she turned 40. "It'll be a radical series of laser treatments if not a full-blown facelift. She wants to feel perfect so she's looking into getting noninvasive lipo, skin tightening on her face and body and all her age spots gone. She wants to turn back the clock in time for summer," the insider shares.

The makeover is said to be partly motivated by her husband Sam Asghari, 29, who has reportedly moved into a separate residence. As previously reported by GLOBE, sources claim that Britney's unusual behavior has pushed Sam to the brink, resulting in a trial separation.

The insider adds that Britney's decision to undergo cosmetic procedures is "pretty obvious that this is a reaction to feeling rejected by Sam."

Despite the rumors of trouble between the couple, Britney has continued to post provocative dancing videos on social media. "She's always loved showing off her body and she's worked hard to get back in such good shape after having two kids," the insider dishes. "She feels totally justified showing off and isn't revealing any more skin than she used to show on stage and in photo shoots."

Feeling powerful and sexy, Britney is now prepared to take her appearance to the next level with the help of a plastic surgeon. "She's ready for a total makeover," concludes the source.