Mary Trump, the outspoken critic and niece of former President Donald Trump, pulled no punches when characterizing a portion of her uncle's followers as "white supremacists," "Christian nationalists," "misogynists," and "anti-semites" in a recent episode of the MeidasTouch Show.

Engaging with host Ken Harbaugh, Mary Trump shared her frank assessments of the Republican party and its core constituents, focusing on a sector that she estimates constitutes around 25 to 28% of Trump's supporters. Her comments came in a broader discussion about the state of American democracy and electoral process, and the ex-president's potential candidacy in the 2024 elections.

Mary said, "If there were no Electoral College, we wouldn’t even have to have this. Well, we would have to have this conversation because the developments are so dangerous. But we wouldn’t be worried about the election."

She further elaborated on the strategy Republicans deploy to secure electoral wins, narrowing down their focus on a few key states. "And the Republicans know that they only have to focus on three states," she added. "And again, to those who support the Electoral College, do you think that’s democracy when candidates literally can ignore 47 of the 50 states? It’s just absolutely absurd."

Mary Trump also shined a spotlight on the concerning issues of gerrymandering and voter subversion, highlighting these as influential factors in her uncle's rise to power. She expressed her belief in the real threat of voter subversion, asserting that it can manipulate electoral results in favor of the right-wing party.

"So if you put on top of that, the media's willingness to normalize Donald... Like to treat him as if he's a normal candidate, not somebody who was impeached twice, who incited, planned, and incited an insurrection, and who perpetuated the big lie and continues to perpetuate the big lie... Then, they're also normalizing his followers. That's when we get into real trouble," she opined. "There's nothing normal about their relationship to their candidate."

In conclusion, Mary Trump pointed out that a key function of a liberal democracy should be to isolate and mitigate the influence of groups she categorized as "white supremacists," "Christian nationalists," "misogynists," and "anti-Semites."

The former President is currently retaining his hold over several solidly Republican states while campaigning for the 2024 Republican Primaries. He is expected to contend with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the Republican nomination against President Joe Biden in the General Election.