Karen McDougal, former Playboy model, divulged personal insights about her past romantic entanglement with ex-President Donald Trump and disclosed her unexpected political preference for the 2024 Presidential race.

The 52-year-old McDougal, while discussing her political inclinations with the Daily Mail, endorsed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the next Presidential election. "I’m hoping DeSantis gets in. I’d be willing to work for his campaign,” she declared. DeSantis is predicted to declare his Presidential candidacy next week.

McDougal, who found herself embroiled in Trump's Manhattan "hush money" scandal, is a lifelong Republican and cast her vote for Trump in 2016. Reflecting on Trump's persona, she said, “He can be crass and vulgar, but when he has his kind moments, it’s lovely to see because it shows there’s still a human in there. He needs to have more compassion for people in general — a lot more.”

Opening up about her private liaison with the then-married reality TV star in 2006, McDougal characterized their relationship as deeply emotional. “I was in love with him. He was in love with me. I know that because he told me all the time,” she disclosed to the Mail. “He’d say, ‘You’re my baby and I love you.’ He showed me off to his friends.”

Distinguishing herself from Stormy Daniels, another alleged recipient of Trump's hush-money, McDougal retains no resentment towards Trump, noting that he has never publicly negated their affair. “His people have denied it, but he’s never denied it,” she maintained.

The former model first encountered Trump at a Playboy Mansion pool party in June 2006. Despite recently welcoming his youngest son Barron with Melania, Trump, she said, was instantly captivated by her. McDougal's recollection included Trump's directive to his bodyguard, Keith Schiller, to secure her phone number. This led to their first intimate encounter after a dinner at Trump's Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow.

Surprisingly, Trump offered her money after their rendezvous. “I was dressed and ready to go, and I saw this stack of cash in his hand. I said, ‘I’m not that kind of girl," McDougal stated. Despite her initial shock, McDougal agreed to another date, resulting in a 10-month affair.

However, McDougal declared that she ultimately ended their relationship when she developed feelings for "Die Hard" star Bruce Willis. “I’m portrayed as the disgruntled woman, but I am not that woman. I ended it,” she affirmed.

McDougal admitted that she accepted a "catch and kill" payment of $150,000 to maintain silence about their relationship during the 2016 election. “That suited me because I hadn’t really wanted the story to get out. I thought my contract was for work and that it was a win-win situation," she explained.